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* Menu *
- Appertizer - - Baitong's Signature-
Starter Platter Combination of our favorite appetizers: fried wontons, cheese rolls, shrimp in theblanket, and spring rolls 10.00
Chicken Satay Marinated grill chicken skewers, peanut sauce & cucumber salad 8.00
Fried Wontons Crispy wonton filled with minced chicken, servewith plum sauce 6.00
Fresh Basil Rolls Hand-rolled rice paper with noodle, fresh basil & sweet tofu served w/ special sweet hoi sin sauce 6.00
Cheese Rolls Crispy roll filled with seasoned cream cheese with plum dip 6.00
Fried Calamari Crispy calamari strips served with sweet Sriracha plum sauce 7.00
Basil Mussels* Half-shell mussels, fresh Thai basil sauce, onion, green / red peppers 9.00
Shrimp in the Blanket Crispy rice wrap with seasoned shrimp & minced chicken served with plum dip 8.00
Curry Puff Crispy pastry fill with mashed curry sweet potato, carrot, peas, young corn served w/ cucumber sauce 6.00
Vegetable Spring Rolls Crispy rolls wrapped with sauteed glass noodles & mix vegetables 6.00
Tofu Bites Golden fried bites of fresh tofu with plum sauce & sprinkled peanuts 6.00
Steamed Dumplings Steamed fresh wonton wrapped with seasoned minced chicken; served with light soy dip 7.00
Coconut Shrimp Golden fried shrimp w/ sweet plum / marmalade dip 7.00
- Soup & Salad -
Tom ka Chicken or Tofu

Savory Coconut Soup with Mushroom

Tom ka Shrimp Savory Coconut Soup with Mushroom 5.00
Tom Yum Chicken or Tofu Organic lemongrass seasoned broth with mushroom 4.50
Tom Yum Shrimp Organic lemongrass seasoned broth with mushroom 5.00
Wonton Soup Minced chicken mixed with fresh ginger, red onion & peanut in zesty lime dressing 4.50
House Soup Chicken, rice, and vegetables in clear vegetable broth 4.50
Grilled Chicken Salad* Grilled chicken, red onion, celery & crunch peanut in lemon-lime dressing over Romain Letuce 12.00
Nam Sod* Minced chicken mixed with fresh ginger, red onion & peanut in zesty lime dressing 12.00
Thai Salad Fresh garden salad serve w/ aromatic peanut dressing 6.00
Tiger's Tear's* Grilled beef over spring mix lettuce, red bell peppers,
green onion in spices and lemon-lime dressing
Jumping Shrimp* Grilled shrimp in zesty lemon-lime & onions over lettuce 14.00
- Noodle & Rice -
Choice : Chicken or Pork or Tofu orVegetables
Pad Thai

Thai rice noodles tossed with tamarind sauce, egg, baked tofu, onion, crushed peanut, bean sprouts and green onions
*Beef or Shrimp - $16.00
*Combination - $17.00

Pad Se Ew Wide rice noodles sauté w/ egg, carrot, broccoli, cabbage & bok choy tossed with seasoned peppercorn soy
*Beef or Shrimp - $16.00
*Combination - $17.00
Drunken Noodle* Wide rice noodles sauteed with spicy fresh Thai basil sauce, onion, peppers, green beans & young corn, eggs
*Beef or Shrimp - $16.00

*Combination - $17.00
Basil Fried Rice* Stir-fry rice with fresh Thai basil, egg, peppers and onions
*Beef or Shrimp - $16.00
*Combination - $17.00
Curry Fried Rice* Stir-fry rice with yellow curry spice, pineapple, egg, onions, and scallion
*Beef or Shrimp - $16.00
*Combination - $17.00
Thai Fried Rice Stir-fried rice with egg, onion and seasoned soy*Beef or Shrimp - $16.00
*Combination - $17.00
Uncle Bob Lightly battered chicken glazed w/ savory honey garlic on vegetables 15.00
Volcano Chicken* Golden crispy chicken simmered in house special fresh chili wine sauce 15.00
Chicken Jubilee* Crispy chicken tossed with spicy Thai basil, broccoli, pepper, and onions 16.00
Try This Shrimp and chicken sauteed with herbal garlic wine and fresh vegetables 18.00
Earth, Wind & Fire* Shrimp and chicken sauté zesty tamarind sauce, green bean, carrot water chestnut, young corn,celery and yellow onions 18.00
Basil Duck* Boneless duck filet glazed with fresh Thai basil, chili, onions, and peppers 21.00
Panang Duck* Boneless duck topped with creamy coconut curry and fresh vegetables 21.00
Royal Duck* Crispy duck filet with house red ginger-cherry wine sauce and shitake mushrooms 21.00
Garlic Scallops Breaded sea scallops, garlic peppercorn sauce, peppers, onion, shitake 21.00
Basil Scallops* Lightly breaded Sea Scallops topped with spicy Thai basil and onions 21.00
Siamese Angels Scallop and Shrimp sauté with fresh ginger-garlic mushroom sauce with julienne onion and scallions 22.00
Three of a kind* Shrimp, scallops, and mussels sauteed with fresh Thai basil, peppers, onions 24.00
Rama of the Sea* Shrimp, Scallops and Mussels sauté with rich coconut-peanut curry 24.00
Seafood Curry* Shrimp, scallops, and mussel in red coconut curry, basil, bamboo, peppers 24.00
Tilapia Lightly breaded fish filet w/ choice of sauce: 18.00
Chili* - aromatic puree fresh peppers  
Garlic Wine - onions, mushrooms, peppercorn  
Panag* - rich coconut curry  
Green Curry* - zesty native coconut milk  
Cherry Wine - garden ginger & shitake mushroom  
- Baitong's Classic-
Chicken or Pork or Tofu orVegetables $16.00
Beef or Shrimp $18.00
Panang Curry*

Savory sweet creamy coconut curry with crushed peanut and peppers

Masaman* Tangy yellow coconut curry with onion, cashew nuts and ripe avocado
Red Curry* Rich creamy coconut curry, sliced bamboo, pepper, green beans & Thai basil
Green Curry* Zesty green chili coconut curry with sliced bamboo, pepper, green beans and garden fresh basil
Pineapple Curry* Simmered red coconut curry fused with tropical pineapple chunks
Rama Delight* Sauteed rich peanut - coconut curry bedded on mix vegetables
Chicken or Pork or Tofu or Vegetables $15.00
Beef or Shrimp $17.00
Basil* Fresh Thai basil, chili, peppers & onions, with a touch of garlic
Kiss Me Herb garlic, sauteed peppercorn and wine on
broccoli, carrot, and cabbage
Hi Ginger Organic ginger, garlic, scallion, yellow onion, and fresh mushroom
Cashew Delight Sweet onion, water chestnut, celery, with lightly seasoned soy and cashews
Pad Woon Sen Clear noodles sauteed with seasoned soy,
onions, mushrooms and scallions, eggs
Pineapple Twist Pineapple chunks, peppers, onions sauteed
with lightly seasoned garlic-soy
Lost in the Garden Fresh variety vegetable sauted with season fresh garlic-soy
- Vegetable -
Honey Tofu Crispy firm tofu glaze with honey garlic on mix vegetables 14.00
3 Flavors Tofu* Crispy lean tofu tossed in fresh chili garlic sauce with mix vegetable 14.00
Buddha's Delight Sauteed mix vegetables with Tofu and seasoned garlic-soy sauce 14.00
Eggplant & Tofu* Tender Chinese eggplant and Tofu sauteed with
fresh basil chili

*Please indicate degree of spice
**All Entrees served with steamed rice/Brown rice $2.00 extra
Gratuity added to parties of 5 or more

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